AcceSnake is a game developed by CmoaToto

This program is a free software : you
can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the terms of the GNU General
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1. Introduction
2. How to play
  a) Accelerometer or Keyboard mode
  b) Phone's Way
  c) Difficulty
  d) Playing
  e) Bonus and bad apples
  f) Life and death
  g) Language
  h) High Score (now Online)!!
  i) Game menu
3. Versions

1. Introduction

AcceSnake is a "Snake-like game" using the accelerometer of your phone.

Developed in Python, this game has been entirely coded with a text-editor, on a N95 8Go. I never used a computer to make it.

For the first time in a snake game, you can move in any direction, slow down, and accelerate just by moving the phone. You can cross your tail but don't touch the wall or you will loose a life.

If you don't have an accelerometer, or if you prefer to use the keyboard, just
choose the right option.

2. How to play

Accelerometer or Keyboard mode :

By default, you play with the accelerometer, but if you prefer to use the keyboard or if the accelerometer doesn't work well (if you doesn't have one, for example ^^), you can play with the keyboard : the joystick pad, or the 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 keys. To choose it, choose Options > More Options > Use the Keyboard, or Use the Accelerometer.

Phone's Way (Accelerometer mode):

In the game menu, you can choose the orientation of the phone. By default, you play the phone lay down, but you can play with the phone standing up, or leaning. To change it, choose Options > Phone's way.

Difficulty :

Moreover, you can change the difficulty, which is by default set to Medium. To change it, choose Options > Difficulty.

Playing :

To play, just click Play... I think you can do that.

Then, the game begin. You are a little snake in the middle of the screen. There is a beautiful red apple waiting for you somewhere on the screen. Incline the phone (accelerometer mode) or push the button (keyboard mode) in the direction of the apple. When you eat it, be careful to not hit the edge of the screen or you'll loose a life. Rather go to eat the new apple in an other place of the screen.

Bonus and bad apples :

Sometimes, a big apple appears. Eat it to get some bonus points or maybe to give you an extra life.

After some times, others apples will appear. They take the same appearance than the usual apple, but they have bad effect on your game. Try to identify and avoid them...

Life and death :

When you begin the game, you got 1 life. You can get some extra lives by collecting special apples, but you'll loose your lives every time you hit the edge of the screen. If you don't have any life at this moment, the game will be over.

Language :

The game is by default in english, but you can change the language :

1. Run the game V1.2 or higher a first time. The game will create the e:/AcceSnake/language folder and the english dictionnary (english.txt). If you install correctly the v2.0 or over, you'll have the french dictionnary too.

2. Download the language you want (see below), or create it, put it in the e:/AcceSnake/language folder.

3. Run the game again and go to Options > More Options > Choose Language. You'll have a list of the dictionnary available. Choose the one you want. If it is well done, the game will be translate in the language you have choose. If it is not, a "not supported" message will appears.

If you want, you can reset the original english file at any type : to do this, Go to Options > More Options > Reset the dictionnary
If you want to create a new language, open the english.txt dictionnary or francais.txt dictionnary and translate the text.

If you want to create a new language, open the english.txt dictionnary and translate the text. For example, (open the english.txt file) to translate "Type your name" in french, change the red text :

{'typeyourname': u'Type your Name :', ... ... ... }

to :

{'typeyourname': u'Tapez votre nom :', ... ... ... }

Be carefull to change only the text in red in the example.

If you made a new dictionnary, SEND IT TO ME !!!!

Dictionnary available :

High Score :

You can find your high score on the High Score Menu. If you want to see the Online Best Score, go to the High Score > Online High Score menu, then update the Online High Score (internet connection needed) and the best score and its owner will be saved.

If you loose and get a personnal High Score, you will be asked to Upload it on the internet (internet connection needed). Then, Everybody will see it on the HighScore page or on their phone if you have THE High Score.

Game Menu :

---Principal Menu---
Play : launch the game
(or Continue : continue the game)
High Score : Show you the high score
Screen Shot : Let you take a screenshot. you have to begin a game to use it
Options : Go to the "Options" menu
Exit : Ask you if you want to quit AcceSnake

---High Score---
Online High Score: Go to the "Online High Score" menu
Back : Go to the "Principal Menu"

---Online High Score---
Update High Score: Download the Best High Score
Back : Go to the "High Score" menu

More Options : Go to the "Options 2" menu
Reset high score : Delete the high score file
Phone's way : see the "Phone's Way"
Difficulty : see the "Difficulty"
Back : Go to the "Principal Menu"

---Options 2---
Credits : Show you the credits (who did the game? me!!)
Choose the language : see "Language"
Reset Dictionnary : see "Language"
Use the keyboard / Accelerometer : see "Keyboard and Accelerometer"
Back : Go to th "Options" menu

3. Versions :

V 2.1 (11 jan 2009) - source code -

-CmoaToto created a really simplified installator engine, with auto download and install pictures.
-CmoaToto created an online high score database to play again everybody around the world (see
-CmoaToto corrected some minor bugs and made some minor improvement.

V 2.0 (20 nov 2008) - source code -

-CmoaToto made all the graphics and the engine to use it
-CmoaToto add a keyboard option
-CmoaToto beautify allmost all the code and changed a lot of details
-Ordiclic add the "exit" code

V 1.2 (15 oct 2008) - source code -

-CmoaToto create an option "Choose Language". You can choose a language among the ones you downloaded and put in the right folder.
-CmoaToto change the speed : the snake will go faster if you choose an harder option.

V 1.1 (9 oct 2008) - source code -

-Ordiclic add a ligne just after the imports to force the game to stay in a portrait orientation
-Ordiclic beautify most of the "for" loop : "in (0,1,2,3)" became "in range(0,4)"
-CmoaToto corrected a bug in the score showed in the menu during a game

V 1.0 (5 oct 2008) - source code -

-Whole source code by CmoaToto


Copyright (c) 2008 Cmoatoto - mail :