AcceSnake is a game developed by CmoaToto

This program is a free software : you
can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the terms of the GNU General
Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation, by the version 3
of the license.   




I only test on Nokia N95 8Go. Tell me if it works on other phones

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Installation :

For everyone : !!! A new important installation (v2.1). Follow all the steps !!!

1. If you didn't installed it allready : Download and install the RDAccelerometer DLL.

2. Then, download the AcceSnake_v2_1 unsigned_standalone.sis

3. Sign it!

(if you don't know how, go to Symbian Sign Online and follow the instructions : it's quick and easy. Click on "select all" when they ask for the "Capability information" !!!)

If Symbian's computer seems too think it can be a virus and doesn't accept to sign it, try others ways :

a. Follow this steps : How to sign an application, by

b. Send me by mail your IMEI (you can know your IMEI By dialing *#06# ) and I'll send you back the .rar with the signed application.

4. Put the Accesnake_v2_1_signed.sis file on your phone and install it.

5. Accept all the installations (Accesnake, PyS60 1.4.5, Python Script Shell, Axyz module.

-------- You might reinstall the the RDAccelerometer DLL if there is an [ERROR] when loading the accelerometer ---------

6. Find the game on the application menu !!!

7. If you want to change the language, go to Presentation - Language

8. Enjoy ! and don't forget the Guest Book !!!



Copyright (c) 2008 Cmoatoto - mail :