AcceSnake is a game developed by CmoaToto

This program is a free software : you
can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the terms of the GNU General
Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation, by the version 3
of the license.   




sunday, january 11th :

Version 2.1 availible !!!:

-A simpliest installation (auto download and extract pictures)

-A great Online High Score Engine (On your browser and on the game !!!). You can now upload your best scores !! Who will be the best ??

thursday, november 20th :

Version 2.0 availible !!!

-A great new graphic engine !! Here is the graphic version of AcceSnake. And trust me, it's really beautiful !! visit the ScreenShots Page !!!

-You can now play with the keyboard. If you don't want to be seen moving in every ways, or if you doesn't have the accelerometer, you can play anymore !!!

-All the code has been beautifyed and improved.

details on page Presentation (changed for the new version)


tuesday, october 14th :

Version 1.2 availible :

-A great new option is available : You can change all the game's language, make your own language, really easily. English and French allready available.

- A big change in the difficulty : now, the snake's speed will increase with the difficulty you choose, and it changes everything...

Details on page Presentation

thursday, october 9th :

Version 1.1 availible : 2 bugs corrected and some coded beautifyed. Details on page Presentation

monday, october 6th :

I started to advertise about this site yesterday and it has been working a lot. Thank you for you interest !!!

270 visitors the 5 oct 08


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